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Getting started

If you are starting a new project and do not want to set up a database, you can use our default Postgresql implementation. The default implementation implements all the resolvers and functions you need to get up and running very quickly.

You should only use this module if you do not have an existing database set up. This module is purely intended for projects starting from scratch. If you do already have your own database, skip this section and start implementing the collab server.


This is a server side module and will only work in a Node environment. This will not work in the browser!

Installation and requirements#

This module requires that you have access to an empty postgres database. If you do not have one already, use the docker image that comes with this package (keep reading for more info!).

To install the module:

yarn add @pdftron/collab-db-postgresql


To integrate the default database, follow the following guides (in this order):